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June 06 2017

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Manwe: Hey, Morgoth just killed the first elf ever

Mandos: Haha

Manwe: The Two Trees were destroyed

Mandos: *snore*

Manwe: The Noldor have exiled themselves

Mandos: Fuck ‘em

Luthien: Can I have my boyfriend back?

Mandos: *sobbing* yes

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June 05 2017

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Valencia, Junio 2017

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my skills include reading an entire page of an academic text without absorbing a single word

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*a generally normal object*


*a generally normal object but very, very small*

humans:  :O!!!!!!!!

This is an alien meme.


I hate when farmers say that they “love their animals”. The only reason farmers keep livestock in the first place is because they want to profit off of what the animals produce; milk, eggs, etc. They wouldn’t raise livestock if this wasn’t the case; livestock require a lot of land, feed, and money to care for. As soon as that animal is depleted, off they go to slaughter.

Only caring for your animals when they benefit you is not love, it’s control. True love is always unconditional, and sending an animal to die after they’re done being your tools is an act of betrayal and selfishness.

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Another Day, Another Lily

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