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October 07 2017

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Totally uncalled for.

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Pluto goes direct tomorrow; who are you now as opposed to back in april when it first entered retrograde? what unhealthy attachments, patterns, and subconscious fears have you released since then? this has been a deeply intense year for all of us as a collective, we’re rising again from our old selves. 2017 is a 1 year in numerology; we are all starting over from scratch again, we’ve purged what we’ve needed to and now we must carry on in the new mold of who we’ve made ourselves to be from this point on 


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i dont trust people who are organised enough to balance a fuck ton of school stuff on top of a normal life because you know who else could do that??? fucking light yagami


my fave bit of black dog folklore is that in some folklore there is a belief that the first person buried in a cemetery stays there and doesn’t cross over and helps other spirits move on and protects them from evil spirits, now naturally people want to avoid this fate for their loved ones and themselves so they would sometimes bury a dog first and it would return in the shape of a big black dog and protect the newly dead from evil spirits and occasionally the living as well

this kind of spirit is called a church grim

G*psy is a slur. Change your username/Url if you aren't Romani and you got it in there


And if you don’t know, now you know

You can use other words to express that you are unique



i just found out merriam webster has a time traveler feature that tells you some of the words that were “born” the same year as you. it’s pretty neat yall should do this

1992. The Year of Our Lord. The Year of Meh.

Jos kidnappaat norsun onks se sun fanttivanki ?


Are you sure?

ancient DM proverb


Meidän talossa on kolme kaappikelloo eikä niistä ykskään oo koskaan käynnissä. Okei ehkä ne on joskus ollu mut yleensä ei. Mutta tänään, nyt, keskellä yötä, kun mä yritän nukkua, ja just, kun mä olin melkein saanu unenpäästä kii,

mä kuulen kellon tikittävän.


Se tunne, kun haluaisit kirjoittaa jotain mielekästä, mutta aivoissa se apina vaan hakkaa symbaaleja yhteen.

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lifehack: say ‘none but the king of gondor may command me’ when someone tells you to do something

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Take this moment to appreciate your unclogged nose. If your nose is clogged, make sure you appreciate the feeling when it finally does get unclogged.

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