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February 06 2018

Gentlemen, I don’t want to appear selfish, but stop what you’re doing and focus on me.
— Chad Charming (via incorrectdescendants)
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The birds, unknown photographer / via lostfunzones


Flight of the Seagulls / ちょっとした襲撃

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Bassano Ltd :: Gabrielle Ray, 12 January 1911. Whole-plate glass negative. / src: NPG in Bassano Theatrical series

more [+] by Bassano Ltd.

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© Matthias Lueger • Please don’t copy or use without the artist’s permission. Thank you!

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Mummy embalming. Historical engraving of the embalming of a mummy in Ancient Egypt. Published in Physica Sacra, by Johann Jacob, Germany, 1732.

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the dark side of spring

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© MWeissArt • Please don’t copy, modify or use the artist’s work without permission. Thank you!

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The Witches’ Ride, 1870

© William Holbrook Beard

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Bassano Ltd :: Doris Stocker reading in fake window, 5 October 1910. Whole-plate glass negative. / src: NPG in Bassano Theatrical series

more [+] by Bassano Ltd. 

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Paul Nadar [pseudonym of Gaspard-Félix Tournachon] :: Child of the Sevestre family, 1894 / src:

more [+] by this photographer 

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Bill Brandt :: Early Morning on the River, 1930’s. A gull flies over the Thames near Tower Bridge. / src:

more [+] by this photographer

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Mary Astor in Don Juan, 1926

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