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October 29 2017

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This just in!



Cis women and trans women are the same gender.

To anyone confused: this is bc “cis” and “trans” are adjectives! A blonde woman and a red headed woman are also the same gender! A mean woman and a nice woman are the same gender!

Thank you for joining this quick grammar lesson


yanno how every january everyone writes the wrong year for a while ?? that’s like how it is when u come out as trans and still misgender or deadname yourself. you’re not faking it, u just gotta get used to the change just like we all do every january.


its human nature to want a bunch of small jars

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Mistä voi ostaa poikaystäviä? En tarviis hirveesti, semmone minkä kanssa voisin käydä kävelyillä keskellä yötä ja kuunnella musiikkia ja katella tähtiä ois kiva.

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Suomi AU jossa jonnet pärisee Paula-Lehmän vanukkailla ESän sijaan.

Eiks se mainos mee suurinpiirtein näin?

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Wardsend Cemetery, Sheffield, UK

In the depth of Sheffield’s Parkwood Springs, hidden beneath the sprawling vegetation is the former Wardsend Cemetery. The church, that once was responsible for the cemetery, was destroyed during World War II. Since then, the site has been left untouched for nature to reclaim. 

This has resulted in an eerily quiet atmosphere, yet breath-taking landscape, which has transpired from circumstance and not design.

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